Past “Wagga” years – images and tributes



If you have some special group images of you and colleagues, interesting events etc at previous “Waggas”, please share them with us by passing them on to Glen Stewart ( who will have them incorporated into this section of the CMM web site.  Please include in your e-mail the year of the meeting and the names of those Waggarites in the images that you are able to identify. If you have special photographs and no access to a scanner, please pass them on so that they can be scanned and returned to you.

Full list of previous CMM (“Wagga”) meetings and their organising institutions

A brief history of the “Wagga” experience and how it all started

The following article provides a brief overview of the beginnings and evolution of the Wagga meeting over its first 40 years:

T.R. Finlayson & G. A. Stewart
Whither “Wagga”? The History of our National Condensed Matter and Materials Conference,  Australian Physics Volume 52, Number 5, Sep-Oct 2015, pp 158-165

Past “Wagga” years (including images and tributes)

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