Wagga 2013

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ANSTO Organising Team and Conference Photo

1. Garry McIntyre; 2. Gordon Thorogood, Richard Mole, Kate Piccirillo, Garry McIntyre, Joel
Bertinshaw, David Cortie, Nicole Reynolds; 3. Richard Mole and Kate Piccirillo

Conference Dinner

Dinner speaker is Sara Diglio

Trivia Night

1. Judging panel ; 2. and 3. teams; 4. score sheet ; 5. distinguished gentlemen

Relaxing Moments

Oral Sessions

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Poster Sessions

Two minute presenters


Prize winners: 1. Resta Susilo, Nicole Reynolds, Zhemi Xu, David Cortie; 2. John Bartholemew; 3. David Cortie; 4. Simon Middleburgh

5. Tommy Li; 6&7. Garry McIntyre presents the Jacko Award to Nigel Marks


Tributes 2013

Professor Robert Street (1920 – 2013)
Respected Professor had magnetic attributes (Age, Melbourne, 20 Sept 2013)

Drs Tony Farmer (1944-2013), Gerry Haddad (1941-2013), Don Price (1945-2013) and John Dunlop (1946-2013).  A Tribute presented by Trevor Finlayson at the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Physics 38th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting (“Wagga 2014”) held on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, from 4-7 February 2014.